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100% Tallow Liquid Shaving Soap

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This is for those men that do not use shaving bars and a shaving brush. The consistency of this liquid tallow shaving soap is thick and it goes a long way. It is all natural and almost jellylike in its consistency. Just put a dab on your hands and rub into your face to create a super slick coating, then go about your shaving. Your razor will glide over your face, providing a real close shave. Leaving your skin nice and soft due to the natural emollients the 100% Tallow provides.

COMPARE: You get 8 oz. of pure product with our Super Slick 100% Tallow Liquid Shaving Soap; we do not add any propellant or other fillers like commercial brands do to increase the weight of their cans.

Background on Tallow Soap
Years ago when many people had farms and raised their own cattle they would make their own Tallow Shaving Soap by rendering beef fat. Tallow soap lather is full of natural rich emollients and was predominately used for moisturizing the skin and helping with eczema. Due to its slipperiness it was also very well suited for shaving. 

I make this liquid tallow shaving soap with the very finest tallow available, called Wagyu Tallow. This tallow comes from what is considered to be some of the very finest beef available, from Wagyu cattle. You may have heard of it by various other names such as Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef, etc. The beef from such cattle are very highly marbleized with fat. I purchase the fat from a farm in the United States that raises Wagyu cattle. We then render the tallow ourselves from that fat.

My Super Slick 100% Tallow Liquid Shaving Soap is made with only Tallow and lye. The lye turns the tallow into soap and glycerin. After the soap making process no lye remains, just a thick 100% Tallow liquid shaving Soap great for shaving! Grab one or a few bottles today! 

Each Liquid Tallow Shaving Soap is 8 fluid ounces and comes in a hand pump bottle. It costs more than our regular liquid hand soaps because it is more concentrated and due to such is naturally much thicker in consistency.

(This is a concentrated soap.  Please use sparingly.  This liquid soap is thick and naturally jelly like in appearance. Sometimes separation may occur due to the fact that we do not use artificial emulsifiers. Shake well periodically to mix if such occurs. Color of soap may differ from order to order due to natural variations of the tallow we render.)

*Full list of ingredients: Premium Wagyu Tallow, Glycerine, filtered water, and Lye (used for saponification to create the soap; final product contains no lye).

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Customer Reviews

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David P. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Liquid Tallow Shaving Soap

I love this stuff! I do not use it as recommended though. Not being a big fan of the smell, I squirt one pump on top of my puck and brush up a crazy, slick lather. Very close and smooth shave. Thank you, Len!

richard m. (Edgewood, MD, US)
tallow shaving soap review


Mike S. (McLeansboro, IL, US)
Tallow shaving soap

So far so good, overall I was impressed as to how it worked! Makes saving experience a lot faster, with smooth shave experience. Will probability order again.