About Us And Our Soaps

I Am A Soaper

A "Soaper" is an age-old term for Soap Maker. I have been making soap since I was 15 years old. The first soap I ever made was lard soap. My grandmother taught me how to make it and that was over 50 years ago. I now make the best all natural organic soaps you can buy. My soaps are made with the highest grade vegetable based oils or animal oil based as in my Lard and Tallow soaps.


We use the highest grade Olive Oil available, "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" (also known as EVOO), which is made from the first pressing of ripe olives. The vast majority of other soap manufacturers, including highly advertised niche soap makers, make theirs with the very lowest grade "Pomace" olive oil. In fact Pomace Olive Oil is so low grade that it is extracted from already pressed olives using a very strong chemical solvent extraction process, many times leaving remnants of those solvents behind in the pomace oil.  If you are looking for the very best in quality soap products you should avoid companies that use it.

Again you will not find a better all natural handmade manly soap brand than Old Whippersnapper's Natural Handmade Manly Soaps. We make our soaps in a small country town at a small soap factory in Connecticut, part of old New England. Our soaps are handmade and hand cut by us. We go out of our way to use Locally Sourced ingredients when possible. The main ingredients for our vegan soaps include coconut oil, 100% extra virgin olive oil,  and lye (which turns the oils into soap and naturally occurring glycerin). No lye remains after the soap is created. As previously mentioned we also sell lard and tallow based soaps and they include lard for the lard soaps, tallow for the tallow soaps, and lye (again turning the oils into soap and naturally occurring glycerin with no lye remaining after soap creation). Our shaving cream soap bars also contain shea butter and cocoa butter. 

One of our newest products is an all natural Pomade for hair. It contains nothing but all natural ingredients including Locally Sourced Beeswax. It is premium stuff. Check it out today!

Thank you kindly for visiting our website,

Len (Old Whippersnapper) & Kara