Mix & Match 25 Bar Soaps

Mix & Match 25 Bar Soaps For Price Break Discount

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Get bar variety & quantity discounts by ordering this 3 Bar Mix & Match.  The discount you receive is comparable to if you ordered the same pack size amount from a single type bar listing.  Other Mix & Match quantities available are 3 bars, 5 bars, 10 bars, and 50 bars.

Soap is 4.1 to 4.5 ounces Each Bar except for the Shaving Bar Soap which is approx 2.5 ounces.  Color and shape of soaps may differ slightly from picture as each batch is homemade to order and slightly unique order to order giving each batch its own character. Also note: To ensure brand authenticity to our customers all bar soaps are stamped with our company name. 

Ingredients of each soap is referenced on the applicable soap's product page.

NOTE: To receive the special mix & match discount rate this mix & match must be ordered only with the total quantity specified (25). If order happens to go through and be ordered with less or more than specified quantity you will be contacted by us to adjust order to quantity specified. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ed L. (Boise, ID, US)
Probably the best soap you can get but comes with some quirks.

The benefit to skin and hair is unmistakable within a few days of using the soaps.

Some of the quirks:
- It is real pine tar, not a chemical fragrance, so it smells smoky...like real pine tar.
- Lemon grass soap may crack/crumble as the bar wears thin. It has a lot of real lemon grass oil in it.
- Artisan product may have manufacturing errors (incorrect label, packaging defects, etc.) that are rare from high volume manufactured products.
- A prompt response to any issues is likely because the business appears to truly care for the brand and its customers.

Image shows packaging variation within the same order. I reported the issue and a countermeasure was put in place the same day.

Hello Ed. I looked at the pictures you provided. When we seal the soap and shrink wrap it sometimes a hole will form and we had been covering it up with a label thinking it would be sealed. We have been doing this since day 1. You are the first person who has informed us of the issue you encountered. Thank you for letting us know. Starting today we will make sure all soaps are fully wrapped with our shrinkwrap before shipping.

POKMANG Y. (Rochester, NY, US)
Excellent soaps

Simple, effective, aromatic. Fast and easy purchase, will be back for more.

Mary A. (Sudbury, MA, US)
Cocoa and shea soap and coffee exfoliating soap

The cocoa and shea butter soap is very mild and smells nice. The scent is subtle. I use it on my face, and even shave with it, which is embarrassing to admit since I’m a broad.
I also really like the coffee exfoliating soap, which smells great.