English Lavender Shampoo

Liquid Olde English Lavender Shampoo - 16 Fluid Ounces

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Derived from the Latin word “lavare,” which means “to wash,” Lavender essential oil has been used for thousands of years as an aromatic & relaxing addition to baths and as a medicinal herb considered to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

Lavender is also considered a gentleman's scent due to the type of fresh, classy quality it has. Most barbershops use lavender in their aftershaves.  In fact whenever a fragrance nowadays is considered a “barbershop” fragrance, it almost always contains lavender.

Made from an Olde English Lavender soap recipe, we put 100% Genuine Lavender Essential Oil (specifically Lavandula angustifolia, also known as English Lavender) in our liquid shampoo. You will notice the quality right away when you use our Olde English Lavender Aromatic Shampoo. (Most shampoo manufacturers put "Lavender Fragrance Oil" in their soap, which is a synthesized fake Lavender oil usually diluted with a carrier oil. Then they misleadingly market their shampoo as "Lavender Shampoo". Not us!)

Get some today and enjoy the relaxation and theraputic properties our Liquid Olde English Lavender Aromatic Shampoo provides.

Each Liquid Shampoo is 16 fluid ounces and comes in a disc pop top bottle. (Note that this item can be used to refill our smaller 8 oz Liquid Olde English Lavender Aromatic Soap hand pump bottles too.)

(This is a concentrated shampoo.  Please use sparingly.  The shampoo may appear more liquidy than commercial liquid shampoos and may settle or separate a bit due to the fact that it contains no artificial thickeners or emulsifiers.  Shake well periodically to mix if such occurs.)

*Full list of ingredients: 100% Lavender Essential Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerine, filtered water,  Sodium Chloride, and Lye (used for saponification to create the soap; final product contains no lye).

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Customer (New York, NY, US)
Fabulous stuff!

Just got this bottle of English Lavender shampoo from OWS. The smell is out of this world! It lathers up nicely and is quite possibly my new favorite shampoo. Highly recommend!!