Liquid 100% Tallow Shampoo - 16 Fluid Ounces

Liquid 100% Tallow Shampoo - 16 Fluid Ounces

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This tallow shampoo came to be when a batch of our really thick gel like Liquid Tallow Shaving soap came out a bit too thin. Instead of discarding it I used it myself for shampooing ... and found out that it was INCREDIBLE! So naturally moisturizing it was amazing. 

Background on Tallow Soap

Years ago when many people had farms and raised their own cattle they would make their own Tallow Shaving Soap by rendering beef fat. Tallow soap lather is full of natural rich emollients and was predominately used for moisturizing the skin and helping with eczema. Due to its slipperiness it was also very well suited for shaving. 

I make this liquid tallow shampoo with the very finest tallow available, called Wagyu Tallow. This tallow comes from what is considered to be some of the very finest beef available, from Wagyu cattle. You may have heard of it by various other names such as Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef, etc. The beef from such cattle are very highly marbleized with fat. I purchase the fat from a farm in the United States that raises Wagyu cattle. We then render the tallow ourselves from that fat.

My 100% Tallow Liquid Shampoo is made with only Tallow and lye. The lye turns the tallow into soap and glycerin. After the soap making process no lye remains, just an excellent 100% Tallow shampoo! Grab one or a few bottles today! 

Each Liquid 100% Tallow Shampoo bottle is 16 fluid ounces and comes in a disc cap bottle. 

(This is a concentrated shampoo.  Please use sparingly.  This liquid shampoo is naturally viscous like in appearance. Sometimes separation may occur due to the fact that we do not use artificial emulsifiers. Shake well periodically to mix if such occurs. Color of soap may differ from order to order due to natural variations of the tallow we render.)

*Full list of ingredients: Premium Wagyu Tallow, Glycerin, filtered water, and Lye (used for saponification to create the soap; final product contains no lye).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sue S. (Tucson, AZ, US)
Excellent product

This is the only liquid tallow soap I have been able to find that doesn’t have additives. All the others have fragrances and/or seed oils added. This shampoo was exactly what I was looking for and works really well. If you’re looking for a pure product, this is it.

GK (Hyannis, MA, US)

Great Product - Highly Recommend!

Colin B. (Bradenton, FL, US)

I have had excessively dry flaky skin and scalp since I was 13. Nothing made it better but plenty made it worse. My hair strands were thin, not like when I was a kid and tangling of my long hair was a nightmare. My husband also always got rashes on his face when shaving with modern products. We assumed it was how things were. We have a love of medieval things and a search for medieval soap led me to After a week of using the soap and shampoo my hair is thick again, my flaking is gone, and my husband doesn't get rashes from shaving. We bought all 3 100% tallow(hand soap, shampoo, shaving liquid)and to say we love it is not enough. We have decided to never go back to modern products. I know it's a manly soap, but even a lady can use it and I highly recommend it for everyone. I wish I had known about it years ago, but I will be buying these products from here on. Amazing products.


It will last you a lifetime

Stacey (New Haven, CT, US)

Bought this for my hubby that has a very dry scalp. He loves it!