Wholesale/Bulk Purchases

To buy at our Wholesale/Bulk Pricing choose the largest quantity size for the applicable soap/shampoo. For soap bars this would be the 50 quantity size; for liquid soaps and shampoos this would be the 10 Bottle size. Resellers of our soaps and shampoos are prohibited from removing any of our stickers on soap bars, liquid soaps, or shampoos.  Resellers are also prohibited from rebranding our soaps, liquid soaps, and shampoos.  Other reseller terms are referenced in our main terms page.

Join Wholesale $3000+ And Get 30% Discount On Orders

Purchase our soap products in large bulk quantities and get a special 30% Discount on orders. Minimum $3,000 total product cost per order (after discount) applies. To apply for this free membership please click here.

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