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Authentic 20% Pine Tar Soap - Our #1 Seller!
Amanda D. (Dana Point, CA, US)
pine tar soap

So far has helped psoriasis on my scalp

Mix & Match 10 Bar Soaps For Price Break Discount
Manuel Z. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Mix & Match 10 Bar Soaps For Price Break Discount

Very good soap, enjoying using it

REAL Pine Tar!

The BEST pine tar soap out there. Lathers unbelievably well so a little goes a long way. Quite soft so a soap saver dish is definitely recommended. Great price point if bought in bulk. Couldn’t be happier.

Liquid 100% Tallow Shampoo - 16 Fluid Ounces
Colin B. (Bradenton, FL, US)

I have had excessively dry flaky skin and scalp since I was 13. Nothing made it better but plenty made it worse. My hair strands were thin, not like when I was a kid and tangling of my long hair was a nightmare. My husband also always got rashes on his face when shaving with modern products. We assumed it was how things were. We have a love of medieval things and a search for medieval soap led me to oldwhippersnappers.com. After a week of using the soap and shampoo my hair is thick again, my flaking is gone, and my husband doesn't get rashes from shaving. We bought all 3 100% tallow(hand soap, shampoo, shaving liquid)and to say we love it is not enough. We have decided to never go back to modern products. I know it's a manly soap, but even a lady can use it and I highly recommend it for everyone. I wish I had known about it years ago, but I will be buying these products from here on. Amazing products.

Love this shampoo!

I have fine thin hair and the volumizing shampoo I used wasn't cutting it. I remember years ago using Jojoba shampoo and how I would get compliments on how shiny my hair was. This shampoo makes my hair feel like hair again. It has body and shine and great natural volume now. I'm so thankful I found it and it's minus all the harsh chemicals I don't need!!

It will last you a lifetime

Good, better than other sulfur soaps, doesn’t stink, but pricey

Wish they’d create a lotion

Sulfur Soap

For years, I have wanted to replicate the sulfur mineral springs at Esalan in Big Sur— the most healing waters ever. This soap added with magnesium chloride in a bath is just this! Also, I purchased for a relative suffering from Demodex and it is helping to manage this dreaded infliction. Yes, I love this soap and just purchased 25 more bars!

Effortless to lather

I have tried a number of cheap and fancy shaving soaps this. This is the best soap I have every tried. It is effortless to lather. Use the heel of your straight razor to shave off 3-4 grams of tiny flecks into a warm shaving bowl, then lather up and add water as needed.

English Wool Fat Soap
Karla C. (Charlotte, NC, US)
English Will Fat Soap

Love the English Wool Fat Soap. It’s wonderful on the skin and smells great!

This is probably my 5th time ordering these soaps. They work really well for acne, oil control and a skin fungus that my daughter has that worsens In the summer. We both use these soaps religiously. Most recently I placed and order with the incorrect shipping address and Len was gracious enough to Reship them for me! How's that for customer service! I always recommend these soaps when anyone compliments me on my skin!

I love this stuff. Great shampoo. The 16oz. bottle lasts me about a year. Just really good quality soap. Not very perfumy either.

It’s real soap. It washes off. It doesn’t make you smell like a chemical factory all day.

Authentic 20% Pine Tar Soap - Our #1 Seller!
Michael W. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
My favorite soap.

By far the best pine tar soap I’ve tried!

Authentic Carbolic Soap - Just Like Years Ago
Michael W. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Great soap!

Love the smell and it leaves me feeling very clean after I’m done. Very pleased.

Smells amazing

I highly recommend this soap. It smells great and lathers really well.

Authentic 20% Pine Tar Soap - Our #1 Seller!
Konstantinos A. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Authentic 20% Pine Tar Soap - Our #1 Seller!

Liquid Pine Tar Shampoo - 16 Fluid Ounces
Jeremy W. (Tonopah, AZ, US)
3 time buying

Great for skin irritations if you use it regularly.

Preliminary review

The only thing affecting the review from a 5 star would be the price of the product.
I understand the reasoning behind it after reading through all of this. I have yet to use the product so would like to change this review at a later date. I am currently using up another pine tar based soap that definitely does not have the smokey quality that has been spoken of in your descriptions. It absolutely smells amazing though. Need to see how long it lasts.

Gud stuff and conditioner

These shampoos are great.

I especially enjoyed the cocoa and shea butter it is the closet thing I think you have to a conditioner.

Have you ever considered making a conditioner? I think that would be great .

Mix & Match 10 Bar Soaps For Price Break Discount
Tina M. (Moncks Corner, SC, US)
Mix and Match

Fantastic soaps.

Sulfur soap

Desde q me mude a usa he teñido problemas de dermatitis en la cara tal vez por la calidad del agua no se de verdad el motivo y siempre tuve usar cremas para eczema después de la ducha , después de usar el sulfur soap por unos días ya pude dejar la crema , muy contento de verdad por q he tenido este problema por mas de 20 años.

Liquid Pine Tar Shampoo - 16 Fluid Ounces
Jeanne R. (Middletown, CT, US)
liquid Pine tar shampoo

My son absolutely loves the liquid Pine Tar Shampoo. Actually he uses it for a body wash because he loves the smell.