Premium 100% Tallow Bar Soap

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Premium 100% Tallow Bar Soap

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Years ago when many people had farms and raised their own cattle they would make their own Tallow Soap by rendering beef fat. While the soap had (and still has) a tendency to be difficult to lather, the resulting lather once produced was full of natural rich emollients and was predominately used for moisturizing the skin and helping with eczema. Due to its slipperiness it was also very well suited for shaving.

I make this hand and body bar soap with the very finest tallow available, called Wagyu Tallow. This tallow comes from what is considered to be some of the very finest beef available, from Wagyu cattle. You may have heard of it by various other names such as Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef, etc. The beef from such cattle are very highly marbleized with fat. I purchase such tallow from a farm in the United States that raises Wagyu cattle.

Some soap makers add only a tiny bit of tallow to their bars and make up the rest of the bar with palm oil and other oil fillers, then pass the bar off as a "Tallow Bar". Why do they do this? Because Premium Tallow is expensive! And apparently they do not mind misleading the consumer. I will have none of that!

My Premium 100% Tallow Bar is made with only Tallow and lye. The lye turns the tallow into soap and glycerin. After the soap making process no lye remains, just a hard white bar of rich Tallow Soap!

My premium quality Tallow Soap Bar is a very hard soap so it will take a bit more effort than a soft bar of soap to create lather, however when you get it going the resulting lather is dense and rich with natural skin conditioners! While tallow soap is known to have lesser dirt and grime dissolving properties it is first and foremost one of the best moisturizing bars you ever use. And it lasts an incredibly long time due to its hardness.

Grab some bars today!

Soap is 4.1 to 4.5 oz per bar. 

(color of soap may differ slightly from picture as each batch is homemade to order and slightly unique order to order giving each batch its own character.)

*Full list of ingredients: Premium Wagyu Tallow, Glycerine, and Lye (used for saponification to create the soap; final product contains no lye).