How To Get Free Shipping On Your Order

Looking to get free shipping?  Here are two ways you can do that:

1st way:  On the right-center of every page you will see a green "Click For Free Shipping" button.  Click it and follow its instructions for FREE SHIPPING (U.S. Mainland Destinations Only - $150 max shipping value).  Also on every product listing at the bottom of its description you will see an orange-yellow "Share For Free U.S. Shipping".  Click on either the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest icon, share & get the same coupon.

2nd way:  Order $99 or greater worth of soap and get Free Shipping! (U.S. Destinations Only).  At checkout use coupon code:  FREESHIP

The above are the only ways I can provide free shipping as shipping is one of the biggest expenses per item we have.  Only by mentioning our soaps on social media or purchasing at least $99 worth of soap products does it provide us enough benefit to be able to provide you free shipping.

If you do not have any social media accounts and are not in the position right now to purchase $99 or more worth of our soap we do offer other ways to save BY CLICKING HERE.

Note that we only accept one discount coupon per purchase so choose your savings wisely.