Mix & Match 10 Liquid Hand Soaps

Mix & Match 10 Liquid Hand Soaps For Price Break Discount

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Get Liquid Hand Soap variety & quantity discounts by ordering this 10 Bottle Liquid Hand Soap Mix & Match.  The discount you receive is comparable to if you ordered the same pack size amount from a single type listing.  Other Mix & Match quantities available are 3 bottles and 5 bottles.

To order just go through the list of Liquid Hand Soaps shown and pick the quantity of each you want to make up the total number of 10 Bottles, then hit "Add To Cart".

Each Liquid Hand Soap is 8 fluid ounces and comes in a hand pump bottle.

(These are a concentrated soaps.  Please use sparingly.  The soaps may appear more liquidy than commerical liquid soaps and may settle or separate a bit due to the fact that it contains no artificial thickeners or emulsifiers.  Shake well periodically to mix if such occurs.)

Ingredients of each soap is referenced on the applicable soap's product page.

NOTE: To receive the special mix & match discount rate this mix & match must be ordered only with the total quantity specified (10). If order happens to go through and be ordered with less or more than specified quantity you will be contacted by us to adjust order to quantity specified.

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