Liquid Lemongrass Soap For Hands - 8 Fluid Ounces

Liquid Lemongrass Soap For Hands - 8 Fluid Ounces

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You cannot beat the awesome smell of Lemongrass Oil and I put alot of it in my liquid lemongrass soap. In fact you will be hard pressed to find anyone else who puts as much Lemongrass Essential Oil in their liquid hand soap. Also I do not put any other fillers in my soap; just Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Filtered Water, Sodium Chloride, Lye*, and naturally occurring Glycerin.

This lemongrass soap is super good.  It takes me a long time to make due to the fact that it is a liquid soap made the old fashioned way by hand. It takes me four times as much time to make as my bar soaps!

Lemongrass oil has alot going for it. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which make it a great hand sanitizer. Furthermore many find its lemony smell very soothing and relaxing and through that it can help soothe muscle aches and restlessness.

There are many other uses for Lemongrass Soap. For a full list of what it can help you with I suggest you do a search on the internet.

I am so sure that you will find my Old Whippersnapper's Liquid Lemongrass Oil Hand Soap superior to others that I offer a 30 Day guarantee. Please order some today by clicking "Buy It Now". Thank you for your patronage.

Each Liquid Lemongrass Hand Soap is 8 fluid ounces and comes in a hand pump bottle.

(This is a concentrated soap.  Please use sparingly.  The soap may appear more liquidy than commercial liquid soaps and may settle or separate a bit due to the fact that it contains no artificial thickeners or emulsifiers.  Shake well periodically to mix if such occurs.)

*Full list of ingredients: Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glycerin, Filtered Water, Sodium Chloride, and Lye (used for saponification to create the soap; final product contains no lye).

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